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03 Novembre 2018

Developed by Jacob Syrytsia and Mark Duval  AEJuice Pack Manager 3 is a must have when you're looking for useful and free plugin for After Effects !!!

The plugin is a library of hundreds animated elements, and you just need to drag'n'drop what you need in your composition.

AEJuice also offers a free feature called "My Pack" You can add your own assets to the Pack Manager in 1 click !

Pack Manager has both free and paid versions. You can use the free packages inside the Starter Pack in both personal and commercial projects. The paid packages will gives you access to a lot more elements.

Télécharger AEJuice Pack Manager

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Liquid Elements

AEJuice Liquid Elements is the world's biggest frame-by-frame elements library for the Pack Manager. One year in making and over 1000 elements in 36 different categories.

A few of these elements are included in the Free Starter pack.

Buy Liquid Elements

Liquid Transitions

AEJuice Liquid Transitions is frame-by-frame transitions library for the Pack Manager. This pack is a huge time saver in your projects.

A few of these elements are included in the Free Starter pack.

Buy Liquid Transitions

Animation Presets Bundle

Animate everything with 1 button. More than 5000 2D, 3D, and Text presets for your projects. Drag n drop and you’re done!

Buy Animation Presets Bundle

Shapes Elements

AEJuice Shape Elements is a library of 777 animated elements for the Pack Manager. This pack is great if you need to add secondary animations quickly!

Retrouvez une partie des ces éléments dans le Free Starter Pack.

Save 36% with the Motion Design Bundle

Slides - Vintage Collection

Slides create the perfect slideshow with your music and photos in a few clicks. Let AEJuice do the hard work and relax. Your slideshow will be ready to render in 3 minutes.

Buy Slides - Vintage Collection

UI Design Pack

UI Design Pack is the result of a collaboration between Motion Café and AEJuice. Indeed, the latter took the initiative to integrate the UI Design Pack made by Grégory to their plugin!
UI Design Pack is included in the Free Starter Pack

Download AEJuice Pack Manager

Please visit AEJuice Support Center if you have any questions.

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